Monday, 3 August 2020

Medal No:3 moved

Medal No:3 will now take place on Sat 15th of August, due to a clash with Pierce Purcell interclub match V Lisheen Springs, this will take place at 3pm home and away

Wednesday, 29 July 2020


Please remember to replace Divots on the course, you'll never know where they will end up.

Sunday, 12 July 2020

2's Club Winners March/April

Due to the amount of Competition cancellations, the 2's Club Chief coordinator (Bernard O'Callaghan) has drawn the following winners for the pre lockdown period.

Mick Freeman 2nd hole; Pat Butler 2nd; Jimmy Graham 8th (using 14th tee).

Friday, 10 July 2020

Bunkers Back

From this weekend Sat 11th, No placing, Bunkers in play except those marked GUR, the committee is not adopting the preferred lies in bunkers local rule at the moment. Please smooth footprints with a club. Also remove stones & smooth out any heavy sand deposits that end up on the green, Thank You very much, Brian Cruise.
Our Software providers have updated the Scorecard App, from tomorrow you can add who is verifying the Scores on your digital Scorecard.

Friday, 26 June 2020

Instructions For Restarting Competition 29th June 2020

Guidelines For Competition and “Guests” 

With the introduction of the phase 3 restrictions next Monday June 29th – we can now re-start competitions and members can bring guests outside of specified competition times. Please take note of the following :

  • for Contact Tracing, all tee times must be booked through the HOWDIDIDO system or the mobile number 0851648489 for those who have difficulty with using the same.

  • The weekend tee time for competition will be run over the 5 hours of 6.54 to 11.44 am. No guests will be permitted during this time on Saturday. (you can still sign-in & play in club competitions up to a 6.30pm start time)

  • Outside of that time slot and subject to availability , a member can book a tee time and include a guest. The online booking system does not allow you to enter a guest’s name  and therefore guests should be booked via the mobile number 0851648489 . Guest green fees of €15 must be paid in cash and placed in an envelope marked GUEST. Please print your name and your guest’s name on an envelope with the guest green fee.

  • The ability to enter the competition via the on-line system of HOWDIDIDO is now extended to allow members to book a tee time all day.

  • Should a member who has booked a tee time be unable to play at that time he MUST ensure his name has been removed from the sheet and if possible give notice to his playing partners 

  • Inhouse Club Competition entry fees will be on a "tab" basis, please Top Up your ClubV1 Wallet stating so on a clearly marked envelope & give to Deborah in reception

  • Please adhere to the previously advised protocol with regard to social distancing and equipment. 

  • RECORDING YOUR SCORE - During the round each player MUST mark his own "Paper" Score card whilst clearly recording his playing partners score - both sets of scores should be verbally confirmed and cross-checked at the end of the round. The player will sign his own card and will enter the playing partners name in print. (See sample below) In addition to this, members should 1st Sign-in on their phone. and after cross checking from normal card then enter their scores Digitally via the HDID scorecard app which can be found in  the “Today’s Golf” tab next to the Booking option. He should then place the card in the scorecard box in the changing rooms. 

  • Flag sticks will continue as they are at present - Do Not Touch

  • Members are encouraged to bring and frequently use hand sanitiser

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Match Play Changes 2020

This year’s singles Match Play will be as per previous years

 Instead of the usual foursome’s format where half the combined handicap difference was allowed – the format due to Covid will be Four Ball Better Ball 

Stroke Play Four Ball Better BallEach partner receives 90% of full handicap.

 The better of the team’s 2 scores (when handicaps are applied) will then be compared to the better of the opposing team to decide the hole winner.

MatchPlay entry envelopes are at reception, please return asap to avoid disappointment.

€5 per person per Competition.