Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Frost Alert

A lot of effort has gone into improving the greens surfaces over the year, fundraising for top dressing sand, solid thining and sanding, Verticutting and fertilising.
If you are 1st out on the course on any day, be it for practise or for competition play The Onus is on the early players to play to the Temp greens if there is frost on the ground. Simply put the white flag into the Temp greens until there is a complete thaw.

Sometimes it will work out that 1 thru 8 will be on Temps & 9 thru 16 on the fulls, but on other days it may be so cold that the full course will be to temp greens.

USGA Studies:Play on frosted greensThe Problem:
Frost-covered turf on putting greens is susceptible to immediate damage from traffic. Ice crystals on and inside the plant can puncture cell walls and cell organs. When foot traffic occurs on heavily frosted turfgrass surfaces, entire plants can be killed, leaving foot-shaped patches of dead turf. Risk Assessment: Damage to the turf will occur immediately, and the symptoms of the damage become obvious as the turf grows. Healing may not occur until the next growing season begins. 

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