Thursday, 11 February 2021

Ger Barrett RIP

 It is with great sadness we report the passing of Ger Barrett, may he rest in peace.

Monday, 28 December 2020

Max 2 Households per Tee Time

 Due to a Sports Ireland directive, Only a Max of two households can play per teetime, the Howdidido online booking sheet has been changed to reflect this.

Thursday, 3 December 2020

Course Handicap Table explained

 Your current Handicap index is based on your best 8 scores from your last 20 qualifying rounds. When playing at home you are allocated a course Handicap based on this > Course Handicap Table.

When playing at an away Course your Handicap will change as per their Course Handicap Table.

Only rounds played with WHS qualifying conditions will count towards your best 8 scores.

Thursday, 8 October 2020

Green Shoots- A message from the committee

 The committee met with the new owners last night. They are brothers Thomas and John Murphy who live and have a business locally. They are committed to not only re-opening and continuing as a golf course but in doing so carry out major improvements and upgrades to the course and the facilities having engaged a professional company to advise them.

These include 

  • Stripping and rebuilding  the 3rd, 4th 16th and 18th greens
  • Install a sprinkler system to all 18 greens 
  • Upgrade bunkers
  • Create a water feature/lake to the right of the 14th green - bringing it into play on both the 14th and the 7th green
  • Create a more gradual gradient from the 120m mark to the 200m mark on the 1st fairway
  • Man reception full time during opening hours.

All of this will come with a cost and will take time but there is no question of the owner's commitment and the benefits which will come from that commitment

Here are the main points of information arising from the meeting.

  • The 18 hole course is planned to re-open Saturday October 31st - this as we all know will depend on the weather
  • It has been renamed and registered as Butter Mountain Golf and Leisure. (Taken from the name of the overlooking mountain)
  • We are going to continue as DMGC (playing at Butter Mountain) until we have a formal agreement at an AGM and until the new name is properly registered with the GUI.
  • The committee negotiated that membership renewal to all current Dublin Mountain members would be at a reduced  payment of €750 which runs to Dec 31 2021 (14 months Golf).  This will also give members an opportunity to play golf and witness first hand the progress of the improvements the owners have committed to. This rate will be on offer up to Feb 1st 2021
  • The renewal will be payable up front and made directly to the new course. 
  • All other new membership after Feb 1st will be set at €1000 


    Over the next 2 weeks the committee will be in direct contact with you regarding the return of the refund due from DMGC. Members who renewed at full rate will receive €200 (€560 less club sub €60 less 30 weeks paid to Carolans at €10 per week) which in essence would mean for them the next 14 months golf would cost €550. Other members will be refunded varying amounts depending on their joining time and conditions.


    As you can see from the above, the course will be benefiting from the work and management many of us have longed for over the years - is a complete departure from the previous owners performance and we are excited to be part of the journey.


    We want to hear your views and response to this announcement and would ask you either "reply" to this e-mail, text me at 0877852204 or use the WhatsApp group format - even with a simple "yes I will be rejoining" or "No - I will not be rejoining. Anyone who is NOT on the WhatsApp group and wishes to be, just send me a text to ask to be added - just include your name. 


    Finally the committee wishes to acknowledge the loss and untimely passing of John Nagle and Eddie Raethorne - they will be sadly missed. I know you join us is expressing our condolences to their families.




    Gerry Cantwell

    Secretary DMGC


    Mob; 087 785 2204