Monday, 28 December 2020

Max 2 Households per Tee Time

 Due to a Sports Ireland directive, Only a Max of two households can play per teetime, the Howdidido online booking sheet has been changed to reflect this.

Thursday, 3 December 2020

Course Handicap Table explained

 Your current Handicap index is based on your best 8 scores from your last 20 qualifying rounds. When playing at home you are allocated a course Handicap based on this > Course Handicap Table.

When playing at an away Course your Handicap will change as per their Course Handicap Table.

Only rounds played with WHS qualifying conditions will count towards your best 8 scores.

Thursday, 8 October 2020

Green Shoots- A message from the committee

 The committee met with the new owners last night. They are brothers Thomas and John Murphy who live and have a business locally. They are committed to not only re-opening and continuing as a golf course but in doing so carry out major improvements and upgrades to the course and the facilities having engaged a professional company to advise them.

These include 

  • Stripping and rebuilding  the 3rd, 4th 16th and 18th greens
  • Install a sprinkler system to all 18 greens 
  • Upgrade bunkers
  • Create a water feature/lake to the right of the 14th green - bringing it into play on both the 14th and the 7th green
  • Create a more gradual gradient from the 120m mark to the 200m mark on the 1st fairway
  • Man reception full time during opening hours.

All of this will come with a cost and will take time but there is no question of the owner's commitment and the benefits which will come from that commitment

Here are the main points of information arising from the meeting.

  • The 18 hole course is planned to re-open Saturday October 31st - this as we all know will depend on the weather
  • It has been renamed and registered as Butter Mountain Golf and Leisure. (Taken from the name of the overlooking mountain)
  • We are going to continue as DMGC (playing at Butter Mountain) until we have a formal agreement at an AGM and until the new name is properly registered with the GUI.
  • The committee negotiated that membership renewal to all current Dublin Mountain members would be at a reduced  payment of €750 which runs to Dec 31 2021 (14 months Golf).  This will also give members an opportunity to play golf and witness first hand the progress of the improvements the owners have committed to. This rate will be on offer up to Feb 1st 2021
  • The renewal will be payable up front and made directly to the new course. 
  • All other new membership after Feb 1st will be set at €1000 


    Over the next 2 weeks the committee will be in direct contact with you regarding the return of the refund due from DMGC. Members who renewed at full rate will receive €200 (€560 less club sub €60 less 30 weeks paid to Carolans at €10 per week) which in essence would mean for them the next 14 months golf would cost €550. Other members will be refunded varying amounts depending on their joining time and conditions.


    As you can see from the above, the course will be benefiting from the work and management many of us have longed for over the years - is a complete departure from the previous owners performance and we are excited to be part of the journey.


    We want to hear your views and response to this announcement and would ask you either "reply" to this e-mail, text me at 0877852204 or use the WhatsApp group format - even with a simple "yes I will be rejoining" or "No - I will not be rejoining. Anyone who is NOT on the WhatsApp group and wishes to be, just send me a text to ask to be added - just include your name. 


    Finally the committee wishes to acknowledge the loss and untimely passing of John Nagle and Eddie Raethorne - they will be sadly missed. I know you join us is expressing our condolences to their families.




    Gerry Cantwell

    Secretary DMGC


    Mob; 087 785 2204

    Friday, 2 October 2020

    Sadly we report the passing of Eddie Raethorne

    We lost another great Dublin Mountain member on Thursday morning.

    Eddie will be badly missed by his many friends at the club.
    May he rest in peace.

    Monday, 7 September 2020

    The Death has occurred of John Nagle

    We are very sad to report the passing of long term Dublin Mountain member John Nagle.
    Further information in relation to the funeral can be found >> Here <<
    In keeping with HSE guidelines the family have requested attendance by close friends and family only.

    Wednesday, 2 September 2020

    Club Future

    We are awaiting further information from the new owner on how they wish to proceed, initial conversations with both myself Brian Cruise and Hon Sec Gerry Cantwell have been positive. We intend to secure a face to face meeting this week, Gerry will update everyone via email in due course.

    The Committee would urge all members to hold fire on committing to a new club, as we don't want members to be disappointed should things continue to progress positively and the course reopens in the near future.

    All Handicaps are still valid and members can play opens at other clubs.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    2's Club July/August

    the latest 2's Club winners July/Aug:

    C BEST
    A FOOT
    P O'HARE

    Sunday, 30 August 2020

    Captain's Prize Winner Neville Morgan

     A historically eventful week at Dublin Mountain came to an end with a very well supported Captain's Prize, 69 players battled tough chilly conditions (for August) on a course playing at it's most difficult since we opened in 1993. Despite this there was a handful of excellent scores on the day, most notably Joe Kavanaghs 73 for a two round total of 143 to finish in 2nd place and the outstanding 68 shot by Neville Morgan which included a gross eagle on the 9th hole, this was the only 2 recorded on the day on any hole ! Damian wishes to also pass on his thanks to all those who participated.

    I have really enjoyed adding the news items to this blog over the years and will continue to do so into the future if needed  e.g.  if the club morphs into a DMGC society or the like, hope ye'all enjoyed tuning in..... Brian Cruise 30/8/2020

    Thursday, 27 August 2020

    Captain's Prize 2020

     The Capt's timesheet has now been closed to howdidido bookings.

    If you wish to be added or cannot fulfill your allotted time please TEXT 0868941295  or Call Gerry Cantwell 0877852204 a.s.a.p.

    All players booked-in have had the €10 Competition fee deducted from their wallet.

    If you did not make the qualifiers you can still play the 18hole event on the day, there will be at least 7 possible prizes for 18hole participants.

    Please Note: Several players were DQ'd from the qualifiers at the weekend, Always play holes to a finish in Strokeplay, double check your paper scorecard for scores on holes + make sure all your info is clearly written on the card, Name, Date, Current Handicap etc

    14 free timesheet Spaces as of 12.10pm Thurs

    Monday, 3 August 2020

    Medal No:3 moved

    Medal No:3 will now take place on Sat 15th of August, due to a clash with Pierce Purcell interclub match V Lisheen Springs, this will take place at 3pm home and away

    Wednesday, 29 July 2020


    Please remember to replace Divots on the course, you'll never know where they will end up.

    Sunday, 12 July 2020

    2's Club Winners March/April

    Due to the amount of Competition cancellations, the 2's Club Chief coordinator (Bernard O'Callaghan) has drawn the following winners for the pre lockdown period.

    Mick Freeman 2nd hole; Pat Butler 2nd; Jimmy Graham 8th (using 14th tee).

    Friday, 10 July 2020

    Bunkers Back

    From this weekend Sat 11th, No placing, Bunkers in play except those marked GUR, the committee is not adopting the preferred lies in bunkers local rule at the moment. Please smooth footprints with a club. Also remove stones & smooth out any heavy sand deposits that end up on the green, Thank You very much, Brian Cruise.
    Our Software providers have updated the Scorecard App, from tomorrow you can add who is verifying the Scores on your digital Scorecard.

    Friday, 26 June 2020

    Instructions For Restarting Competition 29th June 2020

    Guidelines For Competition and “Guests” 

    With the introduction of the phase 3 restrictions next Monday June 29th – we can now re-start competitions and members can bring guests outside of specified competition times. Please take note of the following :

    • for Contact Tracing, all tee times must be booked through the HOWDIDIDO system or the mobile number 0851648489 for those who have difficulty with using the same.

    • The weekend tee time for competition will be run over the 5 hours of 6.54 to 11.44 am. No guests will be permitted during this time on Saturday. (you can still sign-in & play in club competitions up to a 6.30pm start time)

    • Outside of that time slot and subject to availability , a member can book a tee time and include a guest. The online booking system does not allow you to enter a guest’s name  and therefore guests should be booked via the mobile number 0851648489 . Guest green fees of €15 must be paid in cash and placed in an envelope marked GUEST. Please print your name and your guest’s name on an envelope with the guest green fee.

    • The ability to enter the competition via the on-line system of HOWDIDIDO is now extended to allow members to book a tee time all day.

    • Should a member who has booked a tee time be unable to play at that time he MUST ensure his name has been removed from the sheet and if possible give notice to his playing partners 

    • Inhouse Club Competition entry fees will be on a "tab" basis, please Top Up your ClubV1 Wallet stating so on a clearly marked envelope & give to Deborah in reception

    • Please adhere to the previously advised protocol with regard to social distancing and equipment. 

    • RECORDING YOUR SCORE - During the round each player MUST mark his own "Paper" Score card whilst clearly recording his playing partners score - both sets of scores should be verbally confirmed and cross-checked at the end of the round. The player will sign his own card and will enter the playing partners name in print. (See sample below) In addition to this, members should 1st Sign-in on their phone. and after cross checking from normal card then enter their scores Digitally via the HDID scorecard app which can be found in  the “Today’s Golf” tab next to the Booking option. He should then place the card in the scorecard box in the changing rooms. 

    • Flag sticks will continue as they are at present - Do Not Touch

    • Members are encouraged to bring and frequently use hand sanitiser

    Thursday, 25 June 2020

    Match Play Changes 2020

    This year’s singles Match Play will be as per previous years

     Instead of the usual foursome’s format where half the combined handicap difference was allowed – the format due to Covid will be Four Ball Better Ball 

    Stroke Play Four Ball Better BallEach partner receives 90% of full handicap.

     The better of the team’s 2 scores (when handicaps are applied) will then be compared to the better of the opposing team to decide the hole winner.

    MatchPlay entry envelopes are at reception, please return asap to avoid disappointment.

    €5 per person per Competition.



    Saturday, 20 June 2020

    Gui Voucher system Revision

    Due to the Covid-19 outbreak; Paper Vouchers were not issued on Weds 18th of March nor for the weekend of Saturday 21st / Sun 22nd of March. All 11 winners on these dates have been topped up on their ClubV1 wallet less the relevant competition fee. On a trial basis all Comp prize winners from June 29th and beyond will have their clubV1 wallet topped up as a replacement to Paper Vouchers.
    We hope that members will adopt this new arrangement as a means to a sleeker,safer
     Prize setup.

    •  From T Woods:  "What is the purpose of my ClubV1 Wallet"? .. Answer: every time you "sign in" to an Official Club Competition the relevant Comp fee will be deducted from your account.
    • From R McIlroy: I've recently won 3 prizes @ €30, can I get a paper GUI voucher for €50 and leave the balance in my account ? .. Answer: As a wise man once said: "Yes We Can" ! (simply text Damian Byrne to convert your Wallet into a voucher, it would be preferable if members choosing this method done this at a minimum 1 month period or longer).
    • From Seve: Can I use monies built up in my ClubV1 Wallet to pay off 2021 membership? Answer: Yes
    • From P Harrington: How do I top up my Wallet ? Answer: You can leave an envelope with Deborah using paper vouchers you won previously or with Money, clearly stating on the envelope that you wish to Top Up ClubV1 Wallet. Also, Martin Dobey is working on an electronic solution e.g. Revolut or WorldPay, info on this will be shared in due Course.
    Brian Cruise Handicap Sec 2020

    Tuesday, 9 June 2020

    New Tee Time Booking System & Handicap Software

    11/06/2020 Update:
    The Howdidido App still functions for Tee Time booking, Ger C has updated all the email addresses within the New ClubV1 app which should fix issues members have encountered with matching of email address. If you still cannot use the ClubV1 app, please forward the email address you originally used the register on Howdidido to 
    Over the coming days we will migrate to a New Handicapping software application. This will allow us to comply with the launch of The WHS in November.
    Please install the Clubv1 members Hub on your Smartphone / Device a.s.a.p
    Below is information from our software provider Clubsystems..
    There is no charge whatsoever to use the ClubV1 Members app. When upgrading to ClubV1, HowDidiDo is very much still relevant. Scores and results will still be published through HDiD as well as closed and open competitions. members will be able to download both the club ClubV1 members app and the HDiD app however, please note that both of these apps serve a different purpose. 

    Members will be able to check their results and handicaps in the HowDidiDo App. Members will be able to book their tee times through the ClubV1 member's app if the club opts to use booking provided by Club Systems. Members can download these apps free of charge from the respective app stores on their mobile device. There will inevitably be some teething problems we thank you for patience in this regard. Brian Cruise Handicap Secretary 2020

    Saturday, 23 May 2020

    Booking Your Tee Time

    We have a GUI/Gov Obligation to run a strict daily timesheet at 14min intervals. Regrettably a handful of members have still arrived to the club unbooked, this puts extra strain on our ability to record who was on the course at a given time. The HSE require us to keep a record of daily time sheets for a 6 week period.... in the event that Contact Tracing needs to be carried out.
    Please book on Howdidido app a day in advance or Text 0851648489 if you are having issues with HDID, also text this number if you are unable to play so we can remove your name from the booking sheet.

    Saturday, 9 May 2020

    Return to Golf Protocols May18th

    In order to comply with HSE contact tracing protocols - Only members on the daily timesheet will be permitted to play (no greenfees allowed) ,Timesheets for next Mon-Thurs will go live on 15/5/20

    Tuesday, 24 March 2020

    March 24th Update : Course Closed

    You are by now aware that the restrictions on the general public has been increased as of today. In compliance with this - the course will be closed immediately to all members.  Like you, I do hope that this will be for the shortest time possible but we have to be vigilant given how serious this threat is. The ground staff are allowed and will be able to continue the upkeep of the course so that when we return the course will be as we would want it to be.

    Brian Cruise has been in touch with the Course (Deborah) and has agreed that this loss in playing time will be offset against the 2021 season. For  instance should it last for 3 months then the 1st payment for the new year will fall April 1st 2021. Any outstanding payments for this year should be made either electronically or by post as soon as possible - details are as follows..
    Account Number: 00330881     Bank Sort Code: 990620
    Bank ID (BIC):  IPBSIE2D.  IBAN: IE41IPBS99062000330881
    Cheques can be posted to Martin Dobey c/o 203 Upper Rathmines Road Dublin 6

    I mention this because without funds, the course staff may have to be laid off and the course would fall into a state of disrepair. The committee really appreciates your support in this regard.
    I'm sure, you like myself, hope that this is a short term situation but once again we have to hold the health and welfare of our members as the greatest importance.
    Please keep yourself and your families safe during the coming weeks - we will get through this!

    RegardsGerry CantwellSecretary DMGC

    Until we are advised otherwise the club will continue to run competitions as usual.
    Please familiarise yourself with the following Comp Conditions and use the advice of social distancing 2metres minimum, especially in the changing room/toilets area. Wash Wash Wash your hands !
    Temporary Competition Measures Until further notice:
    •     Do not remove the Flagstick when putting.  
    •     Do not swap Scorecards, simply mark and sign your own card keeping tabs on your opposition in the markers column. ( please respect this honesty based system)

    ·     Do not put Members competition money into the envelopes, we will operate on a Tab based system for the next while and sort out accumulated Comp entries at a later date.
    ·     When entering scores onto the computer, use a tee to punch the keyboard.

    • No Need to sign the entry list sheet, computer sign-in takes care of this.

    Competition Committee 17/03/2020

    Wednesday, 11 March 2020

    Capt's Drive-in Postponed

    Please take notice of the Flyers posted at the Club re:Covid-19
    The Capt's Drive is now postponed further updates will be posted here when we assess the situation over the coming weeks.

    Monday, 9 March 2020

    Winter League 2020 Final Results

    The Bears do their impression of  Liverpool FC dominating the winter League, losing the last 2 matches & still overall winners of WL2020 ( cheques in the Post ).
    Final wk 9/10 Results  Final Summary
    Week 8 Results  Week8 Summary
    Week 7 Results   Week 7 Summary
    Results after Week3 Bears🐻 in a clear lead, Eagles 🦅 and Chargers🔌 still to win a match 
    Week3 Results  Week3 Summary
    Week 2 WL Results  Week 2 Summary

    2's Club winners Jan/Feb 2020

    Wednesday, 19 February 2020

    Super Seniors Trophy Draw

    Teams with home advantage are listed first in all cases as follows –   CONDITIONS           
    Play by date
    ROUND 1
    A –v- C
    B –v- D
    A – v - B
    Tuesday, 7th April
    ROUND 2
    E –v- B
    D –v- A
    C – v - A
    Tuesday 21st April
    ROUND 3
    C –v- E
    B – v - C
    Friday 1st May
    ROUND 4
    A –v- B
    C –v- D
    B – v - A
    Friday, 15th May
    ROUND 5
    E –v- A
    B –v- C
    A – v - C
    Friday, 29th May
    ROUND 6
    D –v- E
    C – v - B
    Tuesday, 9th June

    GROUP 1
    GROUP 2
    GROUP 3
    GROUP 4
    GROUP 5
    GROUP 6
    GROUP 7
    GROUP 8
    Slade Valley
    Lisheen Springs
    Black Bush
    City West
    Old Conna
    Dublin Mountain
    Beech Park

    Dun Laoghaire
    Forrest Little
    Elm Park
    The Heath